Русский feet-fetish

Переводы foot fetish в словаре англо, русский на PONS-онлайн:fetish, to make a fetish of sth, foot, to be on one's feet, at the foot of one's bed, at the foot of. Ступить ногой, переступить порог, появиться. Англичане употребляют это выражение с XV. I will not set foot in that house as long as John's wife is there. This is for all the foot fetish niggas out there That's the third time someone's tagged him, is he really into feet that much?

0 replies 0. Meet Foot Fetish! Use MeetMe to make friends, meet new people, video chat and play games. It's fun, friendly and FREE! Not all feet are attractive,if someone has a foot fetish, don't look around and assume any feet will be attractive to that person.

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